The Healing Power of Topaz


Gemstones have been an integral part of our lives from times immemorial. One has not only used them for adornment but also to improve the over all quality of life. Gems have an influence on our physical, mental and spiritual health. One such gem which has benefited mankind in all aspects is – Topaz.

The name Topaz suggests fire according to the ancient language Sanskrit. Alternative account suggests that the word comes from Topazios, which is a Greek name of an island in Red Sea.

Topaz is an exceptional gem which comes in a variety of colours like red, yellow, brown, blue, pink, purple and colourless. The most popular variety is yellow and blue and both the colours are used extensively for healing. Essentially, topaz is an aluminium silicate and these minerals are believed to have outsatnding results when it comes to healing.
In ancient times yellow topaz was used to improve the mental health of a person, to dispel conflicts and anger from mind. Yellow topaz is said to be connected with the energy of the sun and is beneficial for the navel chakra in our body (manipura chakra). This is where the solar plexus is located in the body.

Wearing topaz helps in treating an irritable bowel, which is a symptom of fibromyalgia. It also helps in better assimilation of nutrients and aids digestion. The navel chakra is also connected to one’s self esteem and confidence. Thus, wearing topaz also helps in boosting the same.

Blue topaz is also said to have numerous health benefits. It is connected to the energy of Jupiter and pertains to the throat chakra (vishuddha chakra) in the body. It is extremely helpful in treating the thyroid gland. Along with that it also helps in expressing one’s feelings efficiently and inner peace dawns in the wearer.

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Topaz in all its colours is a remarkable gem. Along with having, an exceptional visual appeal it also has an enormous impact on one’s over all well being.