About TFF

The Fibromyalgia foundation (TFF) is a private initiative started by Apoorva, aimed to create awareness about Fibromyalgia in the Indian community. As so little is known and understood about this chronic disease in the western world and even less in a conservative society like India, the patient is often misunderstood as somebody who is trying to slack and seek attention. We strive to change this by organising workshops and awareness programs in the corporate sector and educational institutions as well, the impetus being to spread awareness at the grass root level.

The motto of TFF would also help people in the early detection of fibromyalgia thus cushioning them to prevent further growth of this dreadful disease thereby pruning it at the nip.

Our vision is to establish a holistic fibromyalgiac treatment centre which would aim at healing the patient vis-a-vis alternative therapies thereby giving him or her a ray of hope to lead a normal life. TFF would play on the psyche of the patient by not only providing them with treatment but also giving custom made employment opportunities. This would raise the level of confidence in the patient to a large extent thus giving them a renewed perspective to life.